ARC - Business Management Software

Intuitive cloud-based invoicing for small to medium-sized companies, with calendar, inventory, for desktop and smartphone

ARC stands out as our cutting-edge management software, developed with an exclusive hybrid technology that benefits from extensive experience in the field of CMS and enterprise software.

Modern and simplified Invoicing

It only takes 2 minutes to create a professionally formatted invoice with a unique and automated reference number, standard Swiss QR code, both from a computer and a smartphone, using just a browser.

You can find the invoicing management software as a partner software Postfinance, whose standards have been meticulously followed to ensure compatibility with the circulating ebanking software.

Superior Performance

New web technologies are increasingly focused on efficiency, a value that we consider fundamental. ARC is developed with proprietary technology that balances the processing load of pages between client and server to ensure excellent performance while reducing development and maintenance times, and therefore also update costs.

Our clients, mainly small businesses located in Ticino, remain loyal to our product even after years of use, attesting to its effectiveness as a long-term solution.

We are proud to offer local businesses this excellent product developed entirely in Ticino.