ND-Stats, display your website visitors clearly and securely

Why a new statistics system?

Often, common analytics systems are too complicated and oversized for small businesses like SMEs, and do not respect user privacy.

Why is ND-Stats different?

ND-Stats allows monitoring website visits in a simple and intuitive way, providing key information expected from a web statistics system, such as the number of visits, unique users, most visited pages, traffic sources, and devices used.

  1. Open source: The JavaScript code is not obfuscated, allowing verification of what data is being processed and how.
  2. Local Installation: Easily installable on a local server, the system enables better resource management and reduces latency in network requests.
  3. Free: No licensing costs involved.
  4. No Database: The absence of a database reduces the risk of targeted attacks to steal or corrupt data, such as SQL injection and other database-driven attacks.
  5. Adaptability to Privacy Settings: The system is designed to respect user choices regarding tracking, offering the option to block the sending of statistics.
  6. Essential and Comprehensive Display: The user interface shows only essential but complete metrics with charts, interactive maps, and detailed statistics, facilitating data analysis without overwhelming the user.
  7. Local Data Control: Managing data locally allows for tighter control over their distribution and access, aligning with privacy regulations like GDPR.
  8. Limited Data Collection: Data collection is based solely on simple log files and does not require sensitive or personal data, reducing security breach risks. The system also records only essential information, avoiding the collection of unnecessary personal data, in line with the data minimization principle.
  9. Optimized Log Files Processing: Efficiency in log files processing reduces loading time and resource usage, improving the overall system performance.
  10. JavaScript-based: Does not require the installation of plugins or extensions, but works directly in the browser and naturally excludes bots that do not execute JavaScript code, in addition to having a bot detection system to avoid false positives.
  11. Integrated Geolocation: Uses the user's timezone to detect the country, avoiding the use of external services.

How can I use it on my site?

Currently, ND-Stats is in beta testing, but we plan to release it soon in a cloud version in Switzerland and an open-source version installable locally on your server. If you are interested in participating in the beta testing program, you can contact us through the specific form indicating your website's name.