ND-CMS: The Next-Generation CMS with Artificial Intelligence

Arcaweb introduces its innovative and high-performance ND-CMS, which operates without a database thanks to the proprietary Arcaweb® Indexing Engine. It is designed for developers and companies that require a secure, fast, and highly effective CMS for SEO. ND-CMS features a headless structure, a basic public frontend, and an AI-powered editor for assisted content generation, SEO metadata, and multilingual translations. It also offers advanced functionalities such as drag-and-drop image uploads directly within texts and page customization via JSON skeleton. Our CMS ensures an optimal user experience and high security. It is ideal for those seeking a streamlined, efficient, cutting-edge system that is also flexible and easily integrable with other tools.

A CMS Designed for the Future

ND-CMS is designed with a headless architecture, using pure PHP, JSON for data storage, and a frontend built with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This approach ensures not only high performance but also great flexibility in integration with various modern front-ends. Thanks to data management via the filesystem and a JSON index system, the CMS guarantees speed and security, eliminating the overhead of traditional databases.

Artificial Intelligence at the Core

The distinguishing feature of ND-CMS is its advanced AI integration. We have integrated OpenAI's GPT-4o directly into the HTML editor (TinyMCE), developing custom plugins that allow you to:

  • Generate SEO Metadata: Automate the creation of optimized SEO titles, descriptions, and keywords following industry best practices. This ensures that every piece of content is perfectly configured to achieve maximum visibility on search engines without significant manual effort.
  • Translate Content: Provide accurate and professional multilingual translations directly within the editor, maintaining the HTML structure to ensure consistency and quality. Users can switch between different languages during content editing, improving the efficiency and quality of translations.
  • Rely on an AI Assistant: At any time, users can rely on the AI to rephrase text portions, correct grammar, validate content completeness, and much more.

A Secure and High-Performance Solution

Security is a priority for us. Data is stored in JSON files protected by strict .htaccess rules, preventing unauthorized access. This configuration not only enhances security but also simplifies data backup. Additionally, filesystem management reduces response times, naturally ensuring superior performance compared to database-based solutions.

An Intuitive User Interface

We have designed a simple and intuitive user interface, ideal for both developers and less technical administrators. The advanced editor based on TinyMCE includes features such as drag-and-drop image upload and a custom dialog for managing internal links. This ensures that every user can manage content efficiently and without frustration.

Flexibility for Developers

ND-CMS uses JSON skeleton to create reusable and easily modifiable page structures. Developers can define basic layouts and content, allowing end-users to customize pages without compromising site consistency. Additionally, redirect management ensures smooth and uninterrupted SEO updates.

Effective Multilingual Support

Multilingual support with AI is a key feature of ND-CMS. Users can translate content directly within the editor, ensuring that each language has its own friendly URL. This not only improves the user experience but also optimizes the site for search engines globally.

Development and Maintenance

We rely on GitHub for versioning and collaboration, ensuring effective code change control and facilitating project management. Currently in beta, ND-CMS is already in use on some pilot sites and will soon be released as open-source, offering the community a powerful and innovative tool.

ND-CMS by Arcaweb represents a leap forward in content management innovation. By integrating artificial intelligence into every aspect of the process, we offer a solution that not only simplifies developers' lives but also enhances the capabilities of CEOs seeking an optimized and high-performing online presence. With Arcaweb, the future of content management is here, and we are ready to lead the next generation of digital experiences.