The Myths of Websites and CMS

Why Choose WordPress in 2024?

Short answer: Because it allows you to manage a website without development skills.

Long answer: Even with the help of Artificial Intelligence, creating and managing a decent website with WordPress requires skills beyond those of a simple user. Without the intervention of a developer or web designer, few can effectively manage content, hosting, maintenance, and graphics.

To create a well-made website, it is often necessary to turn to a developer. But why do many developers propose WordPress? Simple: when a client has high expectations, desires an attractive design, wants to manage the site independently, and spend little, WordPress seems like the ideal solution. However, in most cases, after one or two years, the site remains static or is poorly managed, rendering it ineffective and in need of a revamp.

Managing web content requires specific skills: good taste, the ability to write engaging texts, choosing appropriate graphic material, knowledge of SEO, web marketing, creativity, and time.

How to Tackle These Challenges?

It is essential to understand what type of client you are dealing with and whether they will truly be able to manage the content. Often, we propose to clients to manage the content and updates for them, ensuring they are correct and well-indexed, and reminding them of the importance of social media promotion.

Alternatively, it is possible to develop a custom CMS, a tailored management system that offers numerous advantages.

Advantages of a Custom CMS

The advantages include better performance, scalability, maximum customization, and security (if developed by competent professionals). Additionally, a custom CMS is easily integrable with existing business software and can include a reserved area to increase interaction with customers.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Custom CMS?

After years of experience in developing websites and CMS, I can affirm that the cost of developing a simple CMS is lower in the long term compared to alternatives, and in 99% of cases, clients are more satisfied with the result.

CMS and WEB Solutions Made by Arcaweb

Our new product ND-CMS (no-database CMS) further reduces costs, integrating advanced technologies such as AI Assistants for translations and automatic content improvement, and automated SEO management with AI to maximize page visibility without the need for technical skills.

Other more complex CMS include Redact, oriented towards journalistic outlets and blogs, with user areas, subscription management, and integration with online publishing systems like Pressreader.

At Arcaweb, we constantly work to adapt our software to the latest technological trends, always offering the best to our most demanding clients and ensuring we stay up to date.

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